National Senior Games Torch

13113777-standardThrough my connections with the MC2 STEM High School program and my experience in the FabLab I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to work with GE Lighting on designing and fabricating the torch for the 2013 National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio.

The initial drawing for the torch was generated by the team at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and presented to me with a time line of about 4 weeks to complete. Knowing that the intended flame part needed to incorporate LEDs I start to work backwards from there on lighting and electrical possibilities.


I’m looking for some volunteer help on a few things:
3D printing the Flame to be illuminated from the Inside with GE LED’s
- Already talked with Josh about this. Will have to provide a flame file with proper base dimension so it can be set (tabbed) into the top cylindrical part of the torch.
-Would love to come as close as we can to the original shape. Not sure how to achieve the three layers of color
Milling of the guitar shape based out of 1″ aluminum
-I noticed you have a nice mill at the MakerGear shop that might do the job.
-If not I’ll have to learn pretty quickly how to ShopBot aluminum at our school.
-The base shape is 11.5 inches tall, 1 inch thick and a generic guitar shaped base.
- 3d printing this or cutting out of wood may also be a last resort but I like the weight, touch and durability of using metal.
Tubular Milling and threading
-I’m also looking for a source for creating the batter housing tubular shape. This would require some specific measurements and threading to make sure everything can fit together.
- Last resort is modifying an existing Mag FlashLight
Would love to see it powder-coated black and then laser engraved graphics. Last resort is spray paint black and apply vinyl cut sticks.